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Shield To Last

Assalamualaikum Wr Wb!

The product review for Al Kursi and Kalimah Shield frame was supposedly planned and to be launched way back before the new hexagon frame was introduced on our post. We find it necessary to do the review for shield frame because it was the first part of our dry run idea execution. Firstly the title Shield was derived not because it can protect against evil and works like a talisman nonetheless its warrior shaped armor liked resembled the African Native Zulu shield weapon used during their battle. Debunked..

 It one of a kind shaped is not easily structured. Our carpentry team has to ensure that both sides are equal and the triangular corners are not slanted or curving when constructed. Additional wood glue was applied to ensure it’s a permanent fix.

Photo: Al Kursi Shield Frame

 Stretching the canvas on the frame require extra careful handling. Tension of pulling the canvas requires some special skills to ensure the canvas is not over stretched. The frames are only available in limited quantities so if you have purchased it, the frame is one of our collectible piece by ArtSalwa. You may probably be one of a few to own it. Click here to see our Shield Collection.


Suffian Sumamaili
Head Designer

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