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Hex"A"Time - A Product Review of the Hexagon Clock Frame



       It's the start of 2017 and I'm sure you guys are looking for new ways to enhance your new home.. well for those getting their keys early this year, some beautiful Ayat or Surah frames!

 ArtSalwa is definitely the place where creativity and innovation take place. Firstly, it beautifies the home and secondly, brings you closer to remind you of Allah SWT. Great isn’t it?


Speaking of price, we maintain affordable prices while prioritizing without compromising the quality. In addition, we provide free delivery and Premium 3M tapes so no knocking on walls required! 

Coz why? Well if I am a customer, I want to have the most of what I’m purchasing. Free things mah..;)

We shall kickstart the month with our new and improved Surah Al Asr Hexagon clock frame which probably is not available anywhere in the market. The medium hexagon frame measures 16 inches X 18.5 inches with standard gallery stretched pliant canvas at $80.00. Analog clock sweeps silently so rest assured you will get a good night’s rest till Subuh. 


The hexagon frame came into mind when we tried experimenting with recycled frames to create odd shapes and out-of-the-norm sizes. And so it is, thinking out the box and that’s what ArtSalwa is all about.

In one way or another, we strive not to stay stagnant with what we already have in store. With 5 different patterns to choose from..

Come check them out on our website at :

Signing off as how the Sahaba once did:

By time, 

Verily Man is at loss,

Except those who have faith and do righteous deeds.
In mutual teaching of Truth, in Patience and Constancy.


Regards & Peace

Suffian Sumamaili
Head Designer

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