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Installation Guide

Above is a video guide from us on how to use the 3M tapes. Please take note that 3M strips may not be suitable on some wall surfaces.


🐝 ABOUT INSTALLATION ( Paid service only)

1) Installation is done by an external company and it will not be arranged together on the same day of delivery.

2) It is not handled by ArtSalwa and is catered as an add on service request due to your convenience. 

3) We are NOT liable for any short change timing or changes of date or availabilities by both parties.

4) We acknowledged that the above terms/conditions are well informed.
All rights are reserved by ArtSalwa Designs Craftmanship.

5) Personal frames additional installation can be requested from the installer on that day. Additional fee will be incurred. Thank you for you kind understanding!

6) Installation service is not applicable for orders shipped internationally.