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Customisation Request

Customisation request? You have come to the right place!

STEP 1: Pick and Choose
Simply browse through the designs we have. Tell us what the measurement, Ayat or Surah and screen capture design from our listing to our admin for better understanding.

STEP 2: Confirm and Proceed
Easy Peazy. All you got to do now is to pay the upfront minimum deposit and wait for our designer to show you your design draft.

STEP 3: Confirm and Go
Confirm the artwork that we have drafted and allow our team to get our hands into the job. that's all!

Terms & Condition for custom orders

1) We provide no additional cost for changing of colors on specific design upon request. However, if the request exceeds a certain range of interest e.g graphic and art, a minimum surcharge of $20 or more is applicable depending on the complexity of the artwork. An additional lead time of 5-10 working days may be applied for special artwork request or custom wood frame. 

2) Your deposit is non-refundable. Cancellation of artwork or change of idea concept is referred to as a new task on a blank sheet.

3) We advise our customers to pick and choose the design, ayat and artwork measurements available from our web listing. You may forward us your request via email at

4) Additional charges is applicable for a new set of design customization & frame measurements. A sample preview will be shown before proceeding to print. Take note that color on screen and actual print may differ.

5) We DO NOT copy trademark designs created by any other vendors similar to our market in selling Islamic art frames. However, we do replicate a certain interest given by our customer or based on our own art direction and concepts. We do not replicate similar art pieces.