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International Shipping

Q: Do you deliver your products to other countries?

A: Yes we do! We are currently liaising with an external courier who provides international shipping services. There is also an alternative courier for smaller frames . The prices may differ due to the difference in volumetric weight for smaller frames.


Q: When can I expect the items to be delivered?

A: Depending on your country region It will usually take around 3-4 weeks. Please expect delays in the event where issues such as custom clearance, unfortunate weather conditions and custom clearance. There will be no delivery during public holidays and on Sundays.


Q: Can I track my shipments?

A: Yes you can! A tracking number will be sent to you via email. You can keep track of your items via the tracking number and link sent to you.


Q: How is the shipping charged? 

A: The shipping charges are according to the fees incurred by the merchant whom we engaged. It is charged based on the volumetric weight of the item. The cost is also inclusive of customs tax and duties, packing and insurance fee. 


Q: What is packing and insurance fee?

A: Due to the fragility of our frames, we take extra care towards the packing of the frames. Hence, fragile packing is required. Insurance fee is needed in order to avoid additional costs incurred in circumstances where shipments of frames are lost and/or damaged.


Q: What are import charges?

A: Import charges are taxes and duties to be paid upon importation of goods. There are tax and duties thresholds for countries we are shipping to. Once the value of the item purchased exceeds the threshold, shipment will be taxed. The rate of taxes are dependant on the country of destination and the volumetric weight of the items. 


Q: What happens if there is a mishap to my order? (Damaged frame or Wrong item sent)
A: In the circumstance where the frame is damaged upon receipt or wrong item was sent, do contact us immediately, either through email or WhatsApp. We will try our best to resolve the issue.


Email or talk to us through the bottom chat button for more.