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Sitarah Kiswa Floating Frame Set

Choice of Frame:

Concept: Sitarah Floating Frame
Type: Frame Concept
Measurement: 14 inches X 20 inches ( Set of 4) 

Wood frame: approx 1-2 inches
Durability: Drilling is recommended
*image is for preview purposes and not to scale

* Price may differ based on requested border frame

About Sitarah/Kiswa

The sitarah (drape) Kiswa (curtain) of the Ka’aba holds a special place in the hearts of all Muslims. Representing the most holy curtain to the door of the Ka'abah. The curtain carries many inscriptions mostly written in Thuluth script. These include "Ya′ Allah", "There is no God but Allah" and "Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah" amongst others. The Kiswa or Sitarah of today is made of 670kg of high quality silk and woven with golden thread.

The Holy Kaaba represents the Qibla, the direction in which Muslims all around the world face to perform their prayers.

Different parts of the cloth have different designs and different stories. For instance, the curtain for the door of the Kaaba, is known as sitara, burdah or burqu, and is one of the most elaborately designed parts of the kiswa.

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Customer Reviews
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Jannah j.
A very rare set! Seller

A very rare set! Seller is kind and patient

Farah H.

Would recommend this product. Affordable. Good quality products. Would love to purchase other products in future InsyaAllah

Herwandy R.
Sitarah Kiswa Floating Frame Set

The floating frame creates an elegant yet a beautiful masterpiece. Am truly satisfied with the product.