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Longish Kufi Al Kursi Kalimah Mirror

Border Frame
Installation needed

Type: Mirror Frame
Khat: Kufi Murabba Ayatul Kursi & Kalimah

Measurement: 62 inches X 20 inches (158cmX51cm)

Material: High quality 3mm mirror on black wood frame
Wood Thickness: 1 inches
Durability: 100% waterproof quality printed

Installation Procedure: Drilling is highly recommended. Fragile.

Choice of border concept, sticker color available!

About Kufi Murabba

Kufi is still a common script, geometrically constructed with a compass and ruler. It needs very accurate planning, its calligraphers were and still are more like architects of the layout, the lettering and decoration. When calligraphers in training start training in the art of Kufi, the writing will flow quickly and easily, but the training could take years to perfect. In the case of Youssef, architecture has made it easier understanding the elements.

Kufi Murabba (square) is very much intertwined with architecture, the lines and measurements are necessary to create balanced lines. Kufi script is known to be a very old form of script, and Kufi Murabba is the latest of its kind and the most simplified. The term “murabba” dictates a display of crafty arrangements in its square like, cubic or checkered nature. It doesn’t flow like written cursive script, but instead it is planned, arranged and constructed to conform into specific shapes.

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