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Hasbunallah Canvas Frame Green Geode

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ArtSalwa is where Islam, beautiful wall space, affordability and durability meets. Facilitating to the aspect of Ukhwah Islamiah. Bay'As Salam

Original price $75.91 - Original price $341.61
Original price
$75.91 - $341.61
Current price $75.91
Stocks: Buy with Standard Leadtime
Size: Small 81cm X 46cm

Usually 1-2 weeks. May take 3 weeks during peak period or custom request or larger frames such as mirror or resin artpieces.

Item above $100 will be delivered through our own delivery team.

Drilling is advisable for heavy frames. Chat with us for bulk orders.

Canvas frame comes with free 3M Strips. Easy to Install!

Concept: Green Geode Effect A new concept with AI.
Muslims recognizes that Allah is the Provider of Mercy. He is the source of comfort in difficult times and can grant aid without reason. The zikir, Hasbunallahu Wa Nimal Wakeel (Sufficient for us is Allah, and [He is] the best Disposer of affairs), is a reminder of the help that Allah can provide when said at any time. Knowing the meaning of this phrase allows one to comprehend its power.

Type: Zikrullah

Small Measurement 81cm X 46cm
Medium Measurement 120cm X 61cm
Large Measurement 200cm X 100cm

Material: Quality Canvas stretched on art wood frame.

About Canvas Material
Our art canvas is an ideal material used for painting productions that enhances sharpness and texture upon printing. This material is a durable, plain-woven fabric that is waterproof and easy to maintain. It has a nice texture due to its glossy touch. Its quality is recognisable and hence, has been a staple material for our products. Monthly cleaning maintenance is recommended by applying light wiping or by using wet tissue or cloth. 

Wood frame: 2 inches
Durability: 100% waterproof quality printed.

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