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Al Quba Vertical Frame

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Concept: Al Quba An Nabawi Dome Galaxy
Type: Selawat

Measurement: 18 inches X 48 inches

Material: Stretched on art wood frame

Wood frame: 2 inches
Durability: 100% waterproof quality printed

Installation Procedure: 3M Industrial velcro stickers will be given upon purchase.
Instructions: Simply peel off tapes and paste over your frame onto the wall.


Innallaha wa malaikatahu yusholluna 'alan nabi. Ya ayyuhalladziina amanu shollu 'alaihi wa salamu taslima


‘Verily, Allah and His Angels send blessings on the Prophet: O’ you who believe! Send blessings on him, and salute him with a worthy salutation.’
[Quran: Al Ahzab Chapter 33]

English Translation (N.A)

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