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Sticker Installation Services & FAQ

ArtSalwa's Decal Team 

 in-house installation team is ready to take on the job. If you are planning to engage our team to have the beautiful decal or sticker installed on your wall, Do take note to prepare the following before we arrive.

    • The surface that the decals or stickers will be applied to must be completely clean, smooth and dry prior to application. Remove all dirt, dust, and grime with a commercial detergent solution and water. Household dishwashing soap works great.

    • Finally, wipe the surface completely dry using a clean, soft, lint-free cloth.

Decal Team Schedules & Preparation

Our team are engaged for the services based on your request and payment purchase. It would take at least a week for our team to prepare the artwork such as peeling off unwanted area of stickers, applying the transfer tapes and planned our time schedules accordingly. Within this timeline, we hope that you can be patience and allow us to commit to your request professionally.

Frequently asked questions

1) How do you charge for the installation services?

Our installations are based on the size of the decal/sticker. The complexity turnover time to remove unwanted parts of the sticker and the manpower needed to fix up the decal is also part of the installation fee.

2) How long is the installation process?

It will depend on the size of the sticker/decal. More time may be needed for certain rock stone or textured wall. It is best to inform us the condition of your wall beforehand. A good clean surface do play a part in getting the sticker/decal fixed. your wall is your responsibility:).

3) Can I schedule to engage your installation services based on my free time?

As long the sticker/decal is ready. We may need your advance scheduling booking. Subjected to availability, festive or public holiday.

If you have special requirements on our large format printing & installation services, do chat or email to our sales team and we will advise you accordingly.