Damaskh Fatimi Series

The combination of Damaskh effect and the aeccentric Kufi Fatimi script. 

The word “Kufic” refers to the city of Kufa in southern Iraq. Although this style did not necessarily originate in Kufa, the name Kufic is commonly (if mistakenly) related. However, there are different opinions about Kufic calligraphy on where it started from.

 As for the name Fatimi (al-Fāṭimīyūn), The Fatimids claimed descent from Fatima bint Muhammad, the daughter of our Prophet Muhammad SAW. The field of architecture and art of Fatimi Kufic derived from Fatimid Empire under the establishment of Fatimid Caliphate. It started from North Africa and then spread out to Egypt, Syria and other parts of the regions.