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Ta'awudz Basmala Grey Mirror Frame


Type: Ta'awudz Basmala Grey Mirror Frame
Measurement: Standard

52 inches X 28 inches
(1320mm X 711mm)

Material: Exotic Grey Mirror
Ayat: Vinyl sticker with 3 different layers. (Gold,Black & White)
Durability:  Need to be drilled. Fragile 
Border Recommended: Python Silver frame

Optional: Choose from the choice of measurement and border style.
Mirror options to choose from.
Installation service available on option selected.

This mirror focuses on short ayat script such as this one on the clip showcased Ist’azah (Audzubillah and Basmallah on a white sticker with gold taskeel)

General Info
This is a pre-order product. It may take about 2-3 weeks to produce. Do email us for more info.

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