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Don't miss our monthly OFFERS!
Don't Miss our monthly OFFERS!

Square Mirror Frame

Getting a mirror frame without any ayat on it? The thoughts of transporting from your local store kills. Get yours delivered right to your doorstep. Simply select your measurements, choose your border style and checkout. Easy 1,2,3.

Measurement with standard border:

- 20 inches X 20 inches (50.8cm X 50.8cm)
- 26 inches X 26 inches (66cm X 66cm)
- 31 inches X 31 inches (78.7cm X 78.7cm)
-38 inches X 38 inches (96.5cm X 96.5cm)

Hooks included. (2)
Installation service available upon request.

This item may be subjected to a waiting time of 2-3 weeks upon purchase.
Thank you for your patience!