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Silver Pearl Nastaliq Wirid Floating Frame Available Now

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Concept: Silver Pearl Wirid Floating Frame
Type: Wirid
Script: Nastaliq 

Frame Measurement : 14 inches X 20 inches set
Standard frame given: White
Cover included
Hooks included for hanging

Wood frame: 2 inches
Comes with 6 different types of wood border to choose
Durability: Drilling is recommended (available upon request
*image is for preview purposes and not to scale

* Price may differ based on requested border/colour/editing/ installation request

Set are produced with an additional cover to protect the design.

English Translation

Dhikr is reading consisting of remembranceprayerand other deeds-deeds that the verses quoted from the Qur'an and Hadithwhich is accustomed to reading (practice it). Wirid usually read on any finished prayingboth obligatory prayers or sunnah prayersThe formulation (composition) wirid is very diverse.

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