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Last Sermon of Rasulullah ﷺ Distressed Black


Concept: Distressed Black
Type: Last Sermon

Landscape : 52 inches X 16 inches
Material: Stretched on art wood frame

Shield Shaped Series

Durability: 100% waterproof quality printed

Installation Procedure: 3M Industrial velcro stickers will be given upon purchase.
Instructions: Simply peel off tapes and paste over your frame onto the wall.

Kalimah Allah Swt & Muhammad Saw on each side.*

English Translation


The farewell Pilgrimage of the Holy Prophet  ﷺ may rightly be called the culminating point in his Prophetic career. It was the sixty-third year of the Prophet's ﷺ life which coincided with the close of the 10th of Hijra that he decided to perform Hajj, which in history, goes by the name of Hajja-tul-Wada. The Prophet's ﷺ mission, had, by this time, been completed to all intents and purposes. To people steeped in ignorance, he gave light and inspired them with belief in Allah, the sole Creator, Master and Sustainer of the Universe. To a disunited mass, engaged in perpetual warfare, he gave unity of thought and action. He had revealed the love of God and His will to mankind and had given it a visible expression by founding a society on the basis of righteousness, piety and God-consciousness, the like of which is not to be found in the whole history of mankind.

In short, Prophet Muhammad ﷺ had delivered to human race the final Truth with all its necessary implications.

The completion of His prophetic mission implied His departure from this earthly home to the heavenly abode. The Holy Prophet ﷺ had clearly visualized it. He, therefore, decided to give the finishing touch to his massive work and imprint its salient points on the minds of his devoted followers so that they might always keep before them the system of life-values enunciated by Islam. It was with this object in view that messages were sent to all parts of Arabia inviting people to join him in this great Pilgrimage.