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City of Makkah Panoramic Border Concept

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The Holy Kaaba represents the Qibla, the direction in which Muslims all around the world face to perform their prayers.


City Of Makkah Panoramic
Type: Educational

- Large: 63 inches X 15 inches

Border Style:

Border frame with plexiglass acrylic cover.

Wood frame: 
Cosmic Gold Border Concept

Installation Procedure: FRAGILE
Installation with drilling is highly recommended. Screw and hooks provided. Installation service is available upon request.

English / Malay Translation dua

1) Ya Allah, Berilah kurnia-Mu untuk mengunjungi rumah-Mu yang Agung dan Rasul-Mu yang mulia, di tahun ini dan setiap tahun, dengan keadaan sebaik-baiknya.

2) Oh Allah, grant Your grace to visit Your great house and Your holy messenger, this year and every year, in the best of ways.