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An Nisa 3 Panel Series Wood


Concept: Wood
Type: Surah An Nisa 4:32

Landscape 3 panels : 39 inches X 6 inches ea
Total Measurements 39 inches X 18 inches

Material: Stretched on art wood frame
Wood frame: 2 inches
Durability: 100% waterproof quality printed

Installation Procedure: 3M Industrial velcro stickers will be given upon purchase.
Instructions: Simply peel off tapes and paste over your frame onto the wall.

Englis Translation

Surah An Nisa (4) Ayat (32)

"And do not wish for that which Allah has made some of you exceed others. For men is a share of what they have earned, and women is a share of what they have earned. And ask Allah of his bounty. Indeed Allah is ever, of all things, knowing."