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Surah An Najm Sunrise

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Concept: Sunrise In The Desert
Type:Surah An Najm 53:1-17

Square : 36 inches X 36 inches
Material: Stretched on art wood frame

Wood frame: 2 inches
Durability: 100% waterproof quality printed

Installation Procedure: 3M Industrial velcro stickers will be given upon purchase.
Instructions: Simply peel off tapes and paste over your frame onto the wall.

Surah An Najm 53:1-17

1) By the Star.When it set, your companion
2) is neither gone astray nor deluded.
3)He does not speak of his own desire; it is but a Revelation which is sent down to him.
4) One mighty in power has taught him,
5) who is endowed with great wisdom.
6)He stood poised in front when he was on the uppermost horizon.
7) Then he drew near and hung suspended above, two bow-lengths away or even closer.
8) Then he revealed to the servant of Allah whatever he had to reveal.
9) The heart belied not what he saw.
10) Do you then dispute with him concerning what he sees (with the eyes)?And he saw him once again by the farthest lote-tree, nearby which is the Garden of Repose.
11) At that time the lote-tree was covered with that which covered it.
12)The sight was neither dazzled nor it exceeded the limit,
13)and he saw of the greatest Signs of his Lord.
14) Now tell: Have you ever pondered over the reality of this Lat, and this `Uzza, and another, the third goddess, Manat?
15) Are the sons for you and the daughters for Allah?
16) This would indeed be an unfair division! These are nothing but mere names which you and your forefathers have invented. Allah has sent down no authority for them.
17) The fact is that the people are following mere conjecture and the lusts of their souls, even though right guidance has come to them from their Lord.