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Acrylic Wirid Set

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Concept: Acrylic
Type: 3 Wirid

Vertical: 12 inches X 18 inches (set of 3)

Material: Transparent Acrylic

Thickness: 8mm (2 acrylic cover)
Durability: anti-yellowing


Zikr is reading consisting of remembranceprayerand other deeds that the verses quoted from the Qur'an and Hadithwhich is accustomed to reading (practice it). Wirid usually read on any finished prayingboth obligatory prayers or Sunnah prayersThe formulation (composition) wirid is very diverse.

Wirid frames includes:
1) Subhanallah
2) Alhamdulillah
3) Allahu Akbar

Great recitation of Wirid for family and visitors to your home. Plus it really enhances the beauty of your home!