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Canvas Tube Shipping

Shipping charges can sometimes be very expensive and the cost of the handling fee can sometimes be more costly than the item you are about to purchase. 

Check out our series of frames that support the Canvas Tube Shipping here

Need the canvas in tube for shipping? Email us here.


So what is exactly a tube does and how cheap it is?

Brown round mailing tubes or what we call the "Canvas Tube" are made of spiral wound kraft chipboard. These cardboard tubes are ideal for shipping and storing artwork, posters, papers or canvases. It is definitely cheaper to choose the Canvas Tube as the weight is lighter considering you are not purchasing with the frame. Measurement is a fixed to a shipping cost based on its economical petite size. We are looking at a price slash both the canvas without the wood frame as well as the shipping charges. 

How secure is it?

Our Canvas Tubes are made of strong 3-ply spiral wound construction. These rigid tubes protect contents from all forms of shipping and storage abuse and are reusable and recyclable to store personal items too. 

Thanks for the Canvas idea so how about the framing?

All Canvas purchased through the Canvas Tube option will include measurement specification leaflet. All you have to do is go to your nearest frame maker and show the specification leaflet. you can choose to have the canvas stretched on wood frame or custom it with a classic glass frame instead.