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Epoxy Resin Artpiece Concept Marble Quartz

🕋 Milik Muslim | Dibuat dengan ❤️ dari Singapura | 💪Trusted Seller sejak 2014

ArtSalwa adalah tempat bertemunya Islam, ruang dinding yang indah, mampu milik dan ketahanan. Memudahkan kepada aspek Ukhwah Islamiah. Bay'As Salam

oleh ArtSalwa
Harga asal $0.00 - Harga asal $0.00
Harga asal $0.00
$400.00 - $2,430.00
Harga semasa $400.00
Measurement (Inches) : S(40"X20")
Do you need installation? : No thanks

Selalunya 1-2 minggu. Mungkin mengambil masa 3 minggu semasa tempoh puncak atau permintaan tersuai atau bingkai yang lebih besar seperti cermin atau karya seni resin.

Item melebihi $100 akan dihantar melalui pasukan penghantaran kami sendiri.

Penggerudian adalah dinasihatkan untuk bingkai berat. Sembang dengan kami untuk pesanan pukal.

Bingkai kanvas disertakan dengan Jalur 3M percuma. Mudah untuk Memasang!

Transform your space into a gallery with our stunning Epoxy Resin Artworks - where Islam, beautiful wall space and durability meets.

  • Durable and long lasting: Epoxy resin art pieces are highly resistant to scratches, cracks, and other forms of damage, ensuring that they remain intact for years.

  • Easy maintenance: Unlike traditional paintings or sculptures which require regular cleaning and upkeep, epoxy resin art pieces are easy to clean with just a damp cloth or a bottle of good car polish.

  • High end aesthetic appeal: The glossy finish on an epoxy resin artwork adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to any space it is displayed in making it perfect for home decor or gift ideas.

♻️ Do you know that liquid resin is made from recycle plastic and thin filament material? Making the art of resin epoxy an environment friendly substance!

👉🏻 Water Resistance
Protect delicate artwork from weather-related wear and tear. It can seal any surface, from concrete to wood and masonry to metals and plastic.

👉🏻 Versatility
Versatile substance for creating products of distinct types, sizes, and realistic art piece or mimic natural stone effect and interesting flow artpiece.

👉🏻 Low Maintenance
Thirdly, resin products do not require much maintenance. Accordingly, you can easily wipe off any dust or stains. In extreme cases, polishing will turn the product look as good as new.  

Important Information before purchasing:

1) Different lighting, screen preview, angles, and viewing distances can also create slightly different appearances. For the ultimate accuracy in the color concept and effect please visit our showroom.

2) Every art piece is created individually and unique. No two pieces are the same! This uniqueness is what makes resin art so special and valuable.

3) No two resin art pieces will cure in the same way, resulting in distinct and individual effects and color tones. If you are purchasing a piece, it is impossible to recreate a second piece of a similar art effect and color tone. 

4) Slight micro pores, dry resin drips, random bumps or minor dust may be found on the art piece and cannot be avoided during the drying process. Minor flaws in resin art pieces are an unfortunate part of production. Even with the best precautions, these are natural flaws which are common and unavoidable. These are NOT necessarily a sign of poor craftmanship and technique.

Cracking or chipping on back corner frame

Firstly, let's understand what is art frame back corner chipping. It is the chipping or cracking of the corner of an art frame that is visible from the back of the artwork. This is caused by the process of joining the frame corners together, which can cause small chips or cracks in the wood. However, this does not affect the integrity of the frame or the artwork within it. 

Different types of frames may have different levels of chipping or cracking, depending on the kind of wood used, the thickness of the frame, and the complexity of the frame's design. You can only spot these flaws when you see it up-close only.

While art frame back corner chipping may be undesirable, it is actually the facade outlook that truly matters. As long as the artwork looks stunning from the front and has been displayed in a professional and aesthetically pleasing way, a little bit of chipping or cracking on the back of the frame does not matter or do not proof the sign of poor craftmanship and art technique. This is not consider a reject piece considering our products are all hand-made.