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4Qul Black Mirror Frame

🕋 Milik Muslim | Dibuat dengan ❤️ dari Singapura | 💪Trusted Seller sejak 2014

ArtSalwa adalah tempat bertemunya Islam, ruang dinding yang indah, mampu milik dan ketahanan. Memudahkan kepada aspek Ukhwah Islamiah. Bay'As Salam

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Harga asal $450.00 - Harga asal $700.00
Harga asal
$450.00 - $700.00
Harga semasa $450.00
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Measurement (Inches) : M (51"x27")

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The Kufi 4Qul Mirror Frame is specially designed to honor the four powerful surahs of the Quran. The Kaafiroon, Ikhlas, Falaq, and Nas are known for protecting against shirk (false gods) and the mischievousness of the devil. Each is traditionally identified by the word ‘say’ at the beginning, and together form one-third of the Quran. Hang this frame of respect and protection in your home with daily recitations.

Type: Exotic Mirror Frame

Measurement : 51 inches X 27 inches (Standard)
approx 1295mm X 685mm

Material: High quality 5mm black mirror on black wood frame
Wood Thickness: 1 inches
Durability: 100% waterproof quality printed gold vinyl sticker

Installation Procedure: Drilling is highly recommended. Fragile.

Four Quls

There are four Quls in Quran i.e. Kaafiroon, Ikhlas, Falaq and Nas. These are known as protecting powerful surahs. Surah Kaafiroon and Ikhlaas protects from shirk. Surah Ikhlaas is pure Tawheed and equal to 1/3rd of the Quran. Surah Falaq and Nas protect from the mischief of created things, envy, magic and the whisperings of the shaytan. All the surahs start with the word which actually means say. Hence the four surahs are collectively called as the four Quls. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) would get revelations from Allah which would start with the word say and he would exactly repeat the revelations to people. The four Quls start as:

Naas the first verse translates into: 
[114.1] Say, 'I take refuge with the Lord of people,
In Falaq:
[113.1] Say, 'I take refuge with the Lord of Daybreak,
In Ikhlaas:
[112.1] Say, 'He is Allah, the One,
In Kaafiroon:
[109.1] Say, 'O unbelievers,

The excellence of Surat-ul- Kaafiroon

Al Kaafiroon is equivalent to one fourth of Quran. Who ever recites surah al Ikhlaas and this surah before going to sleep, Allah would never let polytheism touch him. Furthermore if someone recites surah Kaafiroon and Ikhlaas in the obligatory salats Allah would forgive his, his parents and his childrens sins, and if his name would be written in the register of virtuous and fortunate people, and on the day of judgment he would be raised with the martyrs. This surah along with Ikhlaas must be recited in the fajr prayer.

The excellence of Surat-ul- Ikhlaas

Al Kaafiroon is equivalent to one third of Quran. Whosoever recites surah al Ikhlaas before daybreak; also surah al Qadr and Ayat ul Kursi all fears would disappear, and the reciter would not do any wrong the whole day however much Iblis might try. It is also mentioned in one hadith that a sahabi always used to recite Surat-ul-Ikhlaas together with other Surahs in every rak'ah he used to perform. On being asked the reason, he replied that he loved this Surah very much. Upon this Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said "The love for this Surah will admit you into Jannah."

The excellence of Surat-ul -Falaq

Whoso recites, even from early age, every night 3 times surah al Falaq, 3 times surah al Naas, and 100 or 50 times surah al Ikhlaas, Allah would keep him safe from every evil-eye, all ailments that afflict children, all stomach ailments, low and high blood pressure; and so long as he keeps reciting like this he would remain safe from diseases till he dies. According to the Imams of Ahl ul Bayt it is better to recite surah al Falaq and surah al Ikhlaas in the rak-at of witr, in tahajjud.

The excellence of Surat-un- Naas

Whoso recites this surah on any pain-giving part of the body, the pain would disappear. Those who recites this surah before going to sleep he remains in the protection of Allah till morning; and there is protection and freedom from grief, sorrow, and pain for the reciter of this surah; and if it is recited in a house, it would remain free form jinn and evil spirits.

It is mentioned in the Hadith that Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said to a sahaba Uqbah bin Aamir (RA): "Should I not teach you two Surahs which are beautiful in recitation?" Then he taught him the above two Surahs. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) then advised him to continue reciting them for he would never read any Surahs that are parallel (in beauty and excellence) to these two.