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Al Quba MonoGreen Floating Frame

Original price $160.00 - Original price $350.00
Original price
$160.00 - $350.00
Current price $160.00
Measurements: 26 inches X 26 inches

Usually 1-2 weeks. May take 3 weeks during peak period or custom request or larger frames such as mirror or resin artpieces.

Item above $100 will be delivered through our own delivery team.

Drilling is advisable for heavy frames. Chat with us for bulk orders.

Canvas frame comes with free 3M Strips. Easy to Install!

Need package installation service for bulk orders? Chat with us for price.

Concept: Al Quba An Nabawi Floating Frame
Type: Selawat illustration

Measurement: 26 inches / 31 inches / 39 inches

Material: Floating frame on 2 layer acrylic
Wood frame: 2 inches
Durability: Drill installation is required

Available wood frame : Please choose from option

Installation Procedure: 2 drill holes are recommended. Hooks provided
Installation service is available upon request

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