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Working with Mirrors

There are alot of work involved in fixing up cutout sticker on huge mirror like this. Firstly the cutout ayat need to be gently peeled off. Any unwanted areas are discarded leaving the needed scriptures neatly in placed.

Secondly, the ready stickers have to be aligned on the glass mirror. Soap water is sprayed on glass to help with the alignments. We carefully press and scrapped off with a squeegee to let the soap water out from the transfer tape. Drying time is vital.


Purchasing ready made cutout stickers are available almost everywhere in the market. However, one need to be skilled, tidy and careful when executing the task. For a job like this, you may want to leave it to the expert.


FYI: Owner of the mirror have been searching high and low for the cheapest quote. We are doing this to help them and basically doing this just for fun. If you are keen to have something like this, look no further.


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